December 7th, 2006


Paying the dues and reading about infantry warfare

Crap: I have to re-buy the Pals book now. He added a theorist.

Eight Theories on Religion

What used to be "Seven Theories on Religion" is now "Eight Theories on Religion". Personally, I liked the flow to the title better when there were only seven theorists, but whatever, right? I found out about the change when updating my wishlist this morning. (Figured if I posted it yesterday, I should bring it up to date.)

I paid my OSU parking fine today. $25 they charged me for being at an expired meter just before I left for Walking With Fire this year. I consider it the cost of doing research, because the OSU Center for Epigraphy Studies was so helpful. They even let me make several hundred copies at no charge, so escaping with only a $25 parking fine is well worth it, I think.

I spent some time this morning remembering, which is what one is supposed to do today.

I have recently been re-reading The Western Way of War: Infantry Battle in Classical Greece by Victor Davis Hanson, a man I heard speak about the battle of Delium, one of the most horrific battles in history and the first recorded example of fratricide in battle. I still shudder thinking about his description of the Athenian realization that they were killing each other.

The thing about Hanson's book (and others like it) is that it does not focus on strategy or tactics, but on what the individual experienced: why he fought, how tactics and strategy influenced the experience of battle, and the way these things focused themselves directly into theory of war that the west embraced and still holds as the highest form of combat.

It's books like this that got me into military history. Well, books like this and Stan Czaplak, but that's a whole other story.