December 13th, 2006


Border-jumping from Ireland to England

Last night I had a dream.

In this dream, I was thinking about the border between Ireland and England. I believe I've always felt that it was kinda like the US-Mexico border (England being the "US" and Ireland being "Mexico" in this analogy), even though there's something called the Irish Sea between them.

To account for this, I envisioned that someone from Ireland could teleport to England, and that someone from England could teleport to Ireland.

The funny thing was this: Those coming from England to Ireland ended up in Belfast. Those going from Ireland to England ended up in jail.
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MJD - CC officer?

Apparently, someone cast a vote for me to become an officer on ADF's Clergy Council. I got a vote for Clergy Council Registrar.

I don't know who wrote me in, though I'd like to take a moment to thank them for their confidence in me.

Now, I'd like to take a moment and look at the amusement that I, ADF's newest Dedicant Priest, currently feel at having gotten a write-in vote for CC Registrar.

For those un-aware, the CC has a set of officers who decide on clergy credentials. They don't do much else.

The registrar basically just keeps the roster of Clergy Council members up to date, something I imagine I could probably manage.

But the real source of my amusement comes not from being the newest Dedicant Priest on the block, or the fact that it's a write-in vote, or that I have no idea who wrote me in. It comes from the fact that the last time I was written in for a Registrar position, I won.

Yes, I once won the election for the Magician's Guild Registrar because I was the only person anyone voted for, apparently, and I was a write in. The funny thing was, I didn't notice for over a week, because I wasn't even reading mail on that list, and no one bothered to tell me I'd won with a personal email. Then, once I found out that I'd won (via an archive search for a post I'd made years ago), I had to tell the Guild Chief that I wasn't eligible to run (or win) because I wasn't a member of the Magician's Guild.

I suppose that at least this time I was at least eligible to run for the position, but I'm still amused at the situation.