December 19th, 2006


Amusement in the posting world, and timing

I am most amused when I think about writing a post to LJ, and then someone does something completely unrelated while I'm thinking about it, but what they did would make them think I was posting about their situation when really I'm just thinking out loud.

Ah, politics. How I love thee.

Some recent topics I've wanted to mention but that have been interrupted by people doing, asking, or learning something unrelated:
  • My hat.
  • Clegy confidentiality issues I've dealt with recently.
  • Vacations from people/things.
  • Clergy vocations and their nuances.
  • The clergy "job" and whose clergy I realized I am.
  • ADF elections, thinking about running for stuff I've been nominated for, and why.
  • Some discussion points from Saturnalia
All in all, nothing that's really inflammatory. Knowing, though, that formal complaints can (and have) originate from my LJ postings, and that people get their panties in a bunch if they think something is about them, I generally say, "Eh, screw it. Most people don't want to hear my thoughts on the subject anyway."

And it's not just here that timing gets messed up by what people say/do. When Tina and I were dating, she would occasionally make a comment about how she "never gets flowers" from me. The best way to ensure that you won't get something from me, I found, is to ask about it: because then, I feel like if I do get you flowers, you'll think I'm only doing it because you mentioned it.

And the funny thing was, it can make me turn around and change my plans entirely: if I was thinking about getting you flowers that night, woops! No more flowers for you! You'll know that I'm getting them out of guilt, even if I was planning for a week to bring you some that night. And I won't be able to talk my way out of it, either: you'll know that it was all about the guilt, not about the love.

I imagine that a lot of guys feel that way, and it happens quite often: guy who rarely gets his girl flowers or jewelry or something will get it into his head that it's time to do that, and just as he's about to do it, she'll say something to him, like "why don't you ever get me flowers?" and he'll think, "Well, I can't do it now!" And the cycle will repeat.

I would wonder if women go through the same thing, but I admit: I cannot conceive of it.

I suspect this is also why birthdays don't do a lot for me, and why I'm almost always late with Christmas/Yule cards. As the time approaches, I start to think, "Gee, they're going to expect this. I don't want to do it anymore." Once the time is passed, they might find themselves getting a very late card or present.