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March 16th, 2005

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06:00 pm - I know some of you are/have been Clergy. . .
Got home, and remembered I wanted to ask a question:

For those who feel they're pre-disposed to clergy**, what should I be looking for to tell me I am?

I've got the idea that I should be looking for a calling. . . a vocation if you will. Can anyone describe that? Or point me to a good book that does? (And no, I'm definitely not opposed to reading books about Christian "vocations".)

Because damnit, I'm confused. It's official. And it bothers me that I can't figure it out.

** - note: I don't mean necessarily ordained clergy: self-styled clergy works just fine for me. I've been trying for over 7 months to figure this thing out.
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Date:March 17th, 2005 09:21 pm (UTC)
Should I make that list on my LJ? It could get interesting, as a lot of the clergy I know are on LJ. :)

"Let's see, these are gothicdruid's positive points, and here are his negative points!"

No, not a good idea. :)

Yes, I've already mentioned you as "clergy" in my journals trying to figure out this whole thing. You're very much clergy, in my eyes. As is m3ch.

As for what I find more appealing of the four you've talked about, I'd say 1 and 2 are the most important, in that order.

But one does not need clergy "status" for either of those things. One recent entry I made in my journal is all about the fact that one does not need clergy to deal with the gods, or to worship them right.

So part of what I'm struggling with is that feeling: "You know, I don't need that validation."

I don't think I'm doing this for me. I don't know who I'm doing it for, but it appears that I'm doing it more for my Grove and community. At least, that's what I'm interested in doing it for.
Date:March 18th, 2005 02:22 am (UTC)
You could make that list on your LJ, it would be an interesting activity-- however egos are easily bruised so it may not be a good idea.

And as we talked about today... you already have all the answers. :)

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