January 3rd, 2007


Ah, LJ: a miscellany

Today, I am happy that I wrote that stationary about how we don't allow people to "Test Out" of the DP based on previous experience and "advanced age". Especially when that experience appears to come in the form of spirits telling you to drop loaves of bread down wells and the advanced age in question is 47.

I had the day from hell at work yesterday, and expect today will be no different.

I have a fear in the pit of my stomach about classes starting tomorrow. . . and I have to go pay my tuition.

I am feeling like I have somehow been disastrously out of touch with ADF's membership for the past three or four years.

I want to watch a bad movie in a good theater with some friends. Hell, I'll settle for a good movie, if anyone knows one. Anyone up for Pick of Destiny late on Thursday night? There's a 10 PM showing.

Please, Notre Dame, suck as badly as you know you do! LSU better not embarrass their conference like Michigan did.

I will send the article on miscarriages I wrote to those who wanted it.

I have come to the conclusion that I am exhausted.

And I'm never going to manage to read everyone's entries from the past couple of days if I don't get to it very, very soon. Promise I will.

I have this sinking feeling that there are about 3 full pages of people posting drunken "Happy New Year" sentiments or rants that I'm going to have to dig through to get back to Dec. 29, when I last read my friend's list.