February 12th, 2007


Dressing up and going to the ballet. . .

Over the weekend, I went to the ballet with Maggie. I don't really feel it necessary to try an explain again why I thought this was such a good idea: folks mostly aren't interested. But the ballet was about as confusing to me as I expected, though I had a good time doing that whole "grown up, dressed up date" sort of thing I enjoy doing.

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In the end, the ballet was fine. While I didn't "get" most of it, and a heck of a lot of it was jarring and mostly just confusing to me, it didn't generally suck. Besides, I got to spend it with a hot woman, so that was quite nice. In all, I enjoyed the date with Maggie, but I wouldn't say that I really enjoyed the ballet.

Mel, your moralization is frightening. . .

tesinth and I went to see Apocalypto at the dollar theatre yesterday. While the moral of the movie appears to be "Thank God the White Catholics showed up in time to save the noble savages," we found ourselves wondering:

Poll #925849 Poll 20: Let the shushing begin!

At what point may you speak during a movie in the theatre?

At any point, you may carry on a conversation.
At any point, but only short questions are allowed (e.g. "Who is that?" "What's he doing?" "Can you get me some Junior Mints?")
At any point, but only comments about the plot are allowed (e.g. "Dude!" "I knew it!" "That was cool!" or "Damn, she's hot!")
Only after the credits begin to roll.
Only after any sketches that play during the credits (e.g. people dancing, animated creatures telling jokes, gag reels)
Only after any ending material (e.g. extra scenes after credits)
Any time during the credits, unless sketches are occuring, but you have to be silent for ending material.
Only when the lights go up in the house.

At what point is the movie officially "over"?

When you get up to leave.
When the credits begin to roll.
When the credits begin to roll, unless there are sketches or something to watch while they roll.
After all sketches or ending material (e.g. scenes at the very end, after the credits).
When the lights go up at the very end of the film.

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Also, this movie is apparently not about Mayans at all, but Aztecs. I ended up even more confused when I realized that.

And btw, I expect that the "moral of the story" listed above isn't a spoiler. It was, merely, the final conclusion I drew from this movie, much like "Christ wasn't a savior, he was a magician" was the conclusion I drew from Passion. If you see the movie and determine that I did, indeed, somehow spoil the ending with that comment, I grant you permission to post most venomously on my LJ in retaliation.