February 27th, 2007


Buffett, Babes, Bikinis. . . You know, the usual

As I was looking for something online the other day (I believe I was seeking the proper title of the song I was listening to during yesterday's post, not that it was short enough for me to fit in the "music" box, anyway), I came across a good article about what it is about Buffett that I really like.

Today, I found some info about Jimmy Buffett's tour schedule (looking sparse at the moment), and noticed two things:
  1. Buffett has a new beer available: LandShark Lager
  2. Buffett has teamed up with SI again, which means I'm buying a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition again this year.
First, the Lager.

I find it amusing that the description reads like this: "Brand new from Margaritaville - LandShark Lager! LandShark Lager is a refreshing, drinkable island lager brewed with a complex blend of hops giving the beer a distinctive hop note taste."

I'm particularly focusing on the fact that it is described as "drinkable". I admit, I would hope for as much from my beer. You can, if you feel the need, check out the site at http://www.landsharklager.com/

Now, the SI Swimsuit Issue has never been my cup o' meat. I mean, sure, it's nice to see scantily clad ladies running around with a guitar. Who doesn't want to see that? Sure, you can count their ribs, but that's sexy, right? Right?

Despite that, I have a bad habit of reading "men's magazines" for one of two things: the articles or the gimicks. Sure, laugh if you want, but since Maxim pulled a number of their Cosmo-esque articles, I haven't bought a single issue, and some of the girls have gotten a lot hotter. But then, that's my normal nature: women just aren't enough to sell me on anything, contrary to popular belief. There has to be a lot more, like a yellow stripe on the corner of the cover that says, "Free yellow corner stripe with purchase!"

Yes, I once bought a Maxim solely because of that particular marketing gimick.

The only Playboy I ever purchased was bought because I had a dream (A DREAM I TELL YOU!) of buying beer and porn on my BuckID card (the university ID card, which acts as a debit card). I never did manage the beer portion of that, btw.

But it was Buffett, that hero in a Hawaiian shirt, who got me to buy my first SI Swimsuit Edition. Two years ago, it came with a short video and the title song from his new album, License to Chill. I wanted the single (I didn't know it was actually part of an album to be released later), and the chance for a video is always amusing and fun to me. On top of that, there was also an article by Buffett in the issue, and I love his matter-of-fact writing style and his storytelling. It's good stuff.

So now that there's something aside from girls in bikinis, I'm all about going to pick up this issue.

And I reiterate: you all have permission to laugh at my "articles" assertion.