March 5th, 2007


On passing when you're worried you can't. . .

My Bro passed his CPA exam, and yours truly pulled a 97% in American Sign Language.

Most of my grade (indeed, 300 full points) I owe to tesinth. He sat around and recorded 26 takes, straight through, of me signing ten sentences for my first assessment.

Then he sat through 75 takes of me signing 10 sentences one at a time for the second one (stupid me, I thought it'd go faster if I did them like that).

I honestly didn't feel I could pass this class for a long time. After the second day, when our interpreters left us alone with our deaf teacher and a half-day of signing instruction under our belts, I felt certain I would fail this shindig.

I got a lot of amusingly "kick in the ass" sort of encouragement, some of which bordered on the line of "if you can't do this, you obviously suck at this Chaos Magic thing and don't deserve to call yourself one anymore."

Well, here's news: I didn't think about it like Chaos Magic at all. It was, unfortunately, not good advice for me, I found.

I thought about it like fencing.

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