March 13th, 2007


More CTPing

Last night, I turned in at about 1 AM, after writing four of the essays for Magic 2. I simply couldn't hold my eyes open anymore.

I should be finishing the final two non-practice requirements tonight (I've been using my new-found lunch hours to outline my responses to wonderful effect), and then moving on to Divination 2.

I pushed for a much more verbose (and, resultantly, intensive) Divination 2 course originally. Most seers would have been able to take their CTP studies and publish a book on just the essays alone, if my original idea had gone through. I admit to being happy it did not. I should be able to complete Div. 2 in about a week, I imagine, with a couple of key exceptions:
  1. The 5-month journal (which should match up some with my Magic2/Trance1 journal)
  2. Nine divinations done for others (for those I've done divination for, you'll get an email or note asking permission before I publish)
  3. Three omens taken by me in public ritual (a clergy-only requirement for Div 2)
Once that's done, I'll start in on the journaling, and I expect the next five months of my life to be pretty darn busy with trancework, magical work, and divination work. I find that the work I'm doing is intensely personal, and if the CTP's journaling experiences are anything like the Lit. Practicum 1 journaling experience was, well, I'll be having a hell of a good run.

I understand why priests in most other religions don't have dayjobs :) The dayjob gets in the way of studying (you can't study while you're maintaining email accounts, I've found), which means that you have to make time for your studying during what used to be "personal time" that was outside your other job: being clergy. Of course, a lot of my time designated as "personal" has recently also been "on-call," but I actually like that (odd as that sounds) and don't find myself minding if it continues to increase.

Anyway, by the end of the day today, I expect to be finished with all but two requirements for Magic 2. By the beginning of next week, I should be finished with all but one requirement for Divination 2. After that, I'll work on Trance 1 (I should have enough time over spring break to finish up the non-practice requirements there). Once I've finished Trace 1, I'll start my journaling and practicum for those courses.

I'm looking forward to it all!

[side note: while searching for a picture to match this entry, this freaked me out.]