June 6th, 2007


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Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

Journal Entry 8

4:30 PM
Beneath the Temple of Apollo Pythios

The air was still, cool. The scent of the earth filled my lungs. Outside, the "lifeguards" (little old ladies with whistles who sit in high places and tell people not to climb on the ruins) were blowing their whistles at overly adventurous tourists who didn't read the signs that say "No climbing" or "Do Not Touch". Men and women walked by, chattering in all manner of languages at their children.

And here I sat, alone in the darkness beneath the Temple of Apollo Pythios, with zylch outside standing watch for anyone official.

the corridor beneath
the Temple of Apollo Pythios

I made an offering of a coin to the God of the Temple, and began my meditation.

zylch had decided to do a Two Powers meditation, and I was originally planning to do the same, in order to accurately compare our experience. As I knelt down, though, and thought about where I was, I decided that simply opening in a meditative state was the ideal meditation here. So my eyes closed, my body relaxed, and I began to experience the place.

As I breathed in, I felt the cool darkness that places within the earth provide. The smell of the dirt and the dust in the air entered my lungs, and I sank deeper into the meditation. The stillness of the tunnel, so different from the chaotic outside, brought me deeper and deeper.

I expected to feel the presence of Apollo; after all, here I was below his temple, wondering if this was the tunnel to the fault where the Pythia found her inspiration. Instead, I found the earth. I found that this place might be sacred to Apollo above, but where the ground began, it was the earth, Gaea, who was truly the patron of this place.

I was no longer in the realm of the god of enlightenment, inspiration, and divination. I was at an entrance to a deity far older and far more present.

Soon, I ended my meditation and slipped out of the opening we had entered.

Later, zylch told me that she couldn't connect to the Sky Power.

I don't think the Sky Power is there. I don't think it can penetrate. I think the earth is all you will find supporting the Temple of Apollo Pythios, and all that supports Delphi.

Gaea may have been defeated here, but she was not supplanted.

| |
The Temple of Athena | Sunset over Delphi's port | Delphi's "Cafe Ichor"

[end of journal, moment of non-journal follows]

I like the Cafe Ichor the best. I'm all about finding Lovecraftian things in sacred places :) (btw, it was a very nice cafe/bar sort of establishment, with pretty blue lighting and a rather sexy clientèle. Just the sort of place I'd like to hang out.)

ferrelux and I ran across this nifty glass picture, and I snapped a picture because I can't read Greek. The aim was for zylch to translate it for us. You know, if she's willing.