July 16th, 2007


Something scraped together last night

I stand upon the earth
my eyes raised toward the sky
the sea below my feet
a fire burns within.

Kin of Nature bless me
the Mighty Dead bless me
the Shining Gods bless me
I am humbled by them.

They watch me when I walk
they catch me when I fall
they set me on my feet
and walk with me again.

They sing to me in sleep
they wake me in the morn
they join me through the day
and rest their heads near mine.

They give me will to win
they hold me in defeat
they guide me through my life
and bear the pain with me.

There are no greater friends
there are no truer loves
there is no deeper need
then this, my need for them.

The preceding was an accident. I really only meant to write the first stanza.
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    "Lucky Stars", -JB
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I'm Okay.

Have faith, and you will be okay.

Have faith, and you will be okay.

Have faith, and you will be okay.

There are no words, no words except the ones above, that can describe the complete 180° my life just made.

There's a magical working to be discussed in the very, very, very near future, I think.

My life changed today. And I can, indeed, take credit for it.