October 15th, 2007


My greatest accomplishment

As I kicked up the dust of the trail on yesterday's four-mile hike, I found myself reflecting a great deal on things I have done.

I looked down at one point to this pair of boots, a pair that has been on two amazing mountains in the past year: Mount Olympus and Mount Rainier. Coming off this second mountain, these boots finally gave in to the stress: my boots blew out a half mile from the parking lot on Rainier.

I'm still wearing these boots because I haven't had the time to replace them. They creak, crack, and occasionally pop. The leather has been scraped off over my left bunyon. The sole is broken on both boots. They leak in rainy weather. The shoelaces have been replaced three times. These are well-loved boots.

But as I was looking down at my boots, I came to realize what I consider my greatest accomplishment in life:

I have never outgrown a pair of boots.

There's a lot to be said about that statement, but it really speaks for itself.