October 16th, 2007


World AIDS Day thoughts?

Last Sunday, I attended an interfaith meeting for World AIDS Day here in Columbus (Dec. 1, 2007). This was my first "real" interfaith meeting where I actually had credentials and was going to represent a (generally) Pagan and (specifically) Druidic view on issues.

I learned a lot from the meeting, but in particular, I stumbled on something I need some help from the larger community with.

In the interfaith service (now actually interfaith, as I'm the token non-Christian there at the moment), we have the opportunity to submit prayers, poetry, and music that celebrates life or memorializes those who have lived it, and particularly life with HIV/AIDS and living in a community affected by it.

I'm posting to the ADF-Bardic list and the ADF-Liturgists list in an effort to find pieces that fit, as well as ADF-LGBT. I'm also posting in my LJ in the hopes that the greater community might have suggestions.

So, does anyone have suggestions about prayers to be said, songs to be sung, or poems that might make this event better? Even better, does anyone want to try their hand at writing one of those sorts of things?