December 3rd, 2007


Two months? Really?

Last night, I made a resolution to write to the inmate I work with, and to do so once per week. I realized recently that I was already writing something for the Grove once per week, so I might as well package that and send it off. If nothing else, it will help someone feel like they're a part of something.

Today, I also sent my old Yule Ritual, which was written so that it could be done without offerings. I have recently been thinking about writing a full cycle of 8 solitary rites. Hell, I already write them for me; it wouldn't be hard to actually type them up.

It's been almost two months since I've written to the prison, though. I feel terrible about that: it's not like I'm not thinking about it, because it consumes a high portion of my thoughts. But, like all things, I have trouble actually managing to do it sometimes. I hope that I can manage to send things more often. I recently told my best friend that I spend so much time thinking about people, and enjoying the thoughts and the knowledge that I love them deeply, but I don't ever remember to say it. I don't call people up to tell them I was thinking about them. I don't send them letters, or I half-write them and don't send them because I get side-tracked.

Two months. Geez. What the hell, ya know? What the hell was I doing that was more important?

But then, I ask that question so often about so many things, it seems.