January 26th, 2008


A game of cat and mouse

Infinity has fallen asleep staring into the aquarium. There, finally awake and moving, is the mouse she caught this morning. Since our incident with the Chocolate Mouse (hereinafter referred to as "Godiva"), we have been dealing with the second generation. Yes, that's right: Godiva had some pups. Between myself and three cats, we have caught a total of six mice since January 10th.

There are two generations of mice that we're aware of. The first was Godiva and her mate (who we later discovered ate only Ramen Noodles: he is herinafter referred to as "SpicePack"). The second was their kids.

Godiva and SpicePack had at least five kids: I'm currently listening at the walls to ensure that there aren't any more skulking between the drywall. I found one dead (played with and slobbered on to death) in the living room, and watched Alexander kill another one (they're still small enough to be bite-sized). I caught two more live, and spent about a week and a half listening to the mice still left as they continued nesting.

I caught another mouse a couple of days ago: another of the pups. Then, after a few days of tracking and catching glimpses of SpicePack, I was sitting in the basement trying to fix my computer (separate entry for that), and I heard a meow and a couple of squeaks.

Infinity had a mouse. It was SpicePack.

She didn't want to let SpicePack go, but after chasing her through the house (and then chasing the mouse through the house once I got her to let go and she dropped him), I had him in a jar and was checking him to see if I needed to kill him myself or not.

It was hard to tell: he was very wet, playing dead, and barely breathing. After a careful examination, though, I determined that his injuries were remarkably light, and put him in the aquarium with one of his pups, pending a nice day to let them both go.

I have thought we were out of mice before, and been wrong. With six mice caught in the past two weeks, I'm hoping we're back down to zero. Despite that, I'm unsure.

We shall wait and see.

For those wondering, Hudson is almost 2 years old. She'll be 2 on May 1.