February 1st, 2008


A prayer for a new day, a new beginning, and a new dawn

Our Grove has received good and promising omens for a long time now. The concept of a "new day" and "dawn" has come up several times recently, associated particularly (I think) with work (finding, improving, and learning new things) and new ventures.

As I begin something new in my own work life, I wrote this prayer for Usas last night:

Today dawns the last of all dawns that have been
And the first of all dawns that will be.
Clothed in light, she appears in the east
Awakening man and beasts and lighting the fires of sacrifice.
Beloved of heaven, Usas unveils the treasures hidden by darkness,
Distributing them to all the pious who make sacrifice.

Usas, you have awakened me to the last dawn and the first,
And though each glimpse of you wastes my life, it prolongs it yet again.
Bringer of wealth, breath of life, warder against evil:
Let this be the first of many days I greet in your blessed light.

New office

I entered my new office this morning, and took a picture of it (because everyone needs to have a picture of their office, right?)

Collapse )

But the best part, of course, is not what the desk looks like (the clutter that's on it is work left over from my predecessor, who did all he could to ensure that he didn't leave work unfinished, but was just overwhelmed. . . only the white mug and the blue pen are mine), or the old-school pencil sharpener, or the bookshelves, or even the window, but rather what else this office comes with:

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Eventually, this office will look more like it's "mine," but until then, I have a lot of paperwork to go through and finish/fix.