June 5th, 2008


Of Army Men Who Cannot Stand

I have an army man who can't stand. He's not one of the cheap plastic army men (I have plenty of those, truth be told, most of whom cannot stand), but rather a little detailed reproduction soldier on a 1:32 scale.

And if something has a "scale," you know it's a quality reproduction.

Currently, he's leaning against a mobile anti-aircraft vehicle (from a war his grandfather probably fought in, rather than contemporary to his own equipment: I haven't bought an M1A1 yet for this infantry group). This is interesting, because he's posed to be running, not leaning. But it's either that or deal with him looking gut-shot instead of active.

And really, who wants a figurine of a First Marine Division soldier that looks like he's gut shot and lying on the ground? It's not like I have a Corpsman to pose next to him.

This is a minor issue, really, but one that bothers me for some reason. I could glue him down, or find some other creative way of securing him, but what I really want is for him to stand on his own.

It's odd, and it's childish, but hey: I may grow older, but I don't expect to ever grow up.
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