July 14th, 2008


Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

Journal Entry 15

5:45 PM
Awaiting the Sunset at Sounyo

While viedansante and zylch take photographs (including one of me squinting into the sun), I merely sit with my back to Poseidon's temple and await the sunset.

Had I scheduled like everyone else, tonight would be my last night in Greece. Olympus, though, is calling me back. I expect to see the summit in two nights, around this time.

Right now, I find myself hoping to see the sunset as the God Poseidon saw it 2,500 years ago.

viedansante (best travel partner ever)
and myself in front of
the Temple of Poseidon

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The sign at Sunyo | Temple of Poseidon | Temple of Poseidon

6:30 PM

While awaiting sunset, I strolled down to the water's edge to make offerings. Then zylch and I enjoyed a Two Powers meditation on the rocks.

Before me was the light on the waters, shining brightly already. There was no need for more than a few breaths, and I was gone into the Powers.

I focused my attention on the waters at the edge of the earth rather than those "dark, magnetic waters" we Ohioans seem to need to focus on. The noise of the waves on the rocks, the shining sun on the water before me, and the sudden increase in activity from the sea all moved me into a complete trance quickly.

The sea had been calm before, just a moment earlier. Now waves rose high, and crashed more violently, as I called out to the waters.

The sun came down hotter than before, and the reflection of the sun on the waters became a reflection of the sun on me.

Deep within me, the Powers combined, and a shining flow was created.

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Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

View from my hotel room
Journal Entry 16

9:30 PM
Across the street from Oiko Domh
Night in Litochoro

I really like this town. There's something about the breeze blowing down from Olympus and the cool night air, combined with the friendly people and the adventure that awaits me at dawn. Even the punk kids are friendly.

The information I've gathered from various people about the climb is not favourable, though. Each person I meet informs me that we cannot make this climb tomorrow.

The weather, they say, will be beautiful. But I should go to the sea instead of the heavens.

The views, they say, are breathtaking. But I should only go as far as we can drive, and abandon the trail.

I look skilled and fit, they say, but I should not over-estimate my abilities.

This interests me, because I know that all these people are just wishing me the best, and I know that every new adventure incurs risk. Seeking the Olympian Gods most of all.

I need my sleep tonight, but the excitement has given me wanderlust.

Essentials for the Adventurer:
map, compass, guidebook, fedora and
a key to a room at the Hotel Aphrodite