August 9th, 2008


Womens' Sabre sweeps the Olympics

There's something awesome about turning on the television and seeing our women sabre fencers take three medals in the Olympics, remembering when their sport wasn't even recognised by most of the world (including the USFA) and watching it develop before my eyes.

I honestly never thought I would see women's sabre on broadcast television. I was in disbelief when fencing was on my television. . . And utterly confused when I saw it was womens' sabre.

These women have brought home the first sweep of any fencing event in US history. Zagunis is the first US fencer to win back-to-back gold medals (and the first one she won in Athens was the first fencing gold in over a century). Jacobson and Ward have really impressed me today, too, particularly Ward, who came from a 6-1 deficit to win her Bronze. (They're also pretty hot, if that'll get you to check out their profiles).

I'm very proud of the women who won this event. They proved all those who said that women should not fence sabre very wrong today.

New rune aetts just appear sometimes . . .

Perhaps the most interesting thing about creating a set of rune dice is the new aetts that are created:
I love carving these things. Working with divination tools in new, interesting ways always brings things into a new perspective.

Of course, I've never bought the three aett system: after all, why eight? The Norse had a base-12 number system, anyway. Six-rune aetts, eight-rune, twelve-rune, and twenty-four rune aetts are all about as likely as any of the others.

Of course, when I write about six-rune aetts, I'm gonna get blasted to Hel by most everyone who's studied runes even a bit.

Crazy that, no?