August 11th, 2008



So, I pretty neatly cracked my head open on Saturday, banging it with a chunk of force and acceleration against a steel vicegrip on my work bench.

This particular hit wasn't nearly as hard as the last time I really banged my head against something (no concussions, just that momentary, "Man, that hurt. I hit my head. OooOOOhh, crap. . . now it hurts even more!" sort of response). This is probably good, since that last crack did some permanent damage.

It had some affect on me throughout Saturday (Saturday's second post, regarding rune dice, still doesn't have the correct four aetts showing in the picture, and I updated it three times. The third aett should begin with Eihwaz. . . So far it has been Perþo, Elhaz, and Tiwaz). I also screwed up the burning of a full set of rune dice, wasting about $10 worth of materials in the process (a rune tile is worthless if you carve into it incorrectly. . . and rune dice have six opportunities to carve a rune incorrectly).

Tina informs me that the scrape across my head is about an inch to an inch and a half, and the lump appears to be about the size of a silver- or half-dollar.

I was pretty darn coherent on Sunday, and driving to Toledo and back wasn't an issue (don't worry, tesinth, I would have let you know if it was). I'm interested to see where this goes in the near future.

Head injuries are interesting, complicated things.

Heh. I believe it is unrelated that I have forgotten the point I was going to make in this entry.