October 27th, 2008


Clergy Training, and my credential renewal

My Dedicant Priest status expires soon within ADF (Dedicant Priests expire each Samhain or Beltaine, depending on when they were consecrated, and need to renew yearly, showing progress in the Clergy Training Program). I have submitted my renewal information, and I'd really like to share it with everyone else.

  1. For the CTP circle I am enrolled in, I have successfully completed the following courses in the past year: (list this year's course completions to date and dates completed below)
    • I am currently enrolled in CTP circle 2. In the past year, I have completed:

      Magic 2, 04/01/08
  2. Remaining courses that I need to submit are: (list remaining courses for this Circle)
    • ADF Structure, Customs, and Policy
    • IE Studies 2
    • IE Myth 2
    • Trance 1
    • Ethics 1
    • Divination 2
    • Leadership Development 1
  3. The obstacles that have kept me from completing these courses over the past year include:
    • There have been few obstacles, outside of my current job situation, which is rather stressful and overly annoying. I was also doing a bit too much in ADF itself.
  4. My plan for overcoming for these obstacles is:
    • I have made more time for myself [ed. note: sounds trivial, but I've actively started working toward this, and it really is my entire plan
  5. My detailed plan for course completion (course titles and deadlines) is:
    • I will complete the following courses on this schedule:
      • ADF Structure, Customs, and Policy (11/15/08)
      • Trance 1 (11/30/08)
      • Divination 2 (12/31/08)
    • The following courses, if they are approved by the CC and the CoL by Yule, will be completed as follows:
      • IE Studies 2 (01/01/09)
      • IE Myth 2 (01/15/09)
      • Ethics 1 (02/01/09)
      • Leadership Development 1 (02/15/09)
    • Trance 2 and at least some CTP 3 courses should follow closely on the heels I hope, by Samhian 09. That is not currently a "firm" completion date, however. If I were to give a "hoped-for" date of ordination, it would be Summerland 2010, though Summerland 2009 would be pretty cool (and remains an idle dream in my mind).
  6. My support system will consist of:
    • My local Grove. I'm CC:ing this to them to let them know of my schedule, as I see it. Also, I'll ask druidkirk to give me a friendly push, and I have a winter where things are less hectic coming up to catch up. More importantly, though, I hope to be a part of the support system for anyone who might need it, because working together is, I think, the best form of encouragement for both the people encouraging and the people being encouraged.

      I am, however, and individual student at heart, so the amount I can rely on (or be part of) a support system is limited by my natural tendencies.
  7. Other work I have done as an ADF Priest in the past year includes:
    • My work as an ADF Priest has been limited mostly to my Grove. I have published few articles (though one large article of 6,000+ words went in to OL for the Nov. 1 '08 issue, if they choose to print it).

      I have worked pretty hard on getting a skeletal exit standard group for CTP Circles 2 and 3, and placing them into coherent documents. Those documents have been submitted to the Council for approval, and have been returned to me for additional work. I have (at the same time) worked hard to provide the second and third circles of the Liturgist Guild Study Program, but these have not been submitted to the LG yet, or the CoL.

      My work with the ADF Prison Ministry has been limited: I have received one letter from my inmate in the past year. While disheartening, it's not something I have much control over. I continue to send off letters every now and again.

      The Grove has published a book (which I compiled) of our past liturgy and prayers. In addition, I am continuing work on two other books, at least one of which I hope to have out this coming April again.
  8. Should I not meet this year's self-imposed standards, the consequences should be:
    • There are few current consequences in my position: I don't need to do more than show advancement per the bylaws; however, by committing to completing Circle 2 of the CTP, I am also committing to cutting back on another position on the Organizational level, should I not manage to complete CTP 2 by Spring Equinox, 2009.

It's important to me to get this out. Now ya'll know my schedule, so you can watch my progress, and keep me honest with myself and the Org.

Well, now I've got a plan. Time to execute.