March 23rd, 2009


Busy life, lots to do. What's sleep?

Holy crap, I've been busy. Busy, busy, busy. It's not lettin' up, and is (in fact) getting worse.

Yesterday was a great ritual, though I've got that usual sneaking suspicion that I oughtn't try new things at ritual, because sometimes when I do so, I can muck up a perfectly good rite without any help.

On the bright side, though, I got my first light sunburn of the year and I'm happier for it.

We both know we live in different orbits
Different islands different worlds
Though we really are the same
I'm just glad, glad we started talking
Finally realize no one is to blame

I'm working very hard to keep up on my email recently, and doing a fair job of it. Of course, I'm only going on about three or four days of "keeping up," so it's not really worth much.

I've been watching a lot of movies and TV shows in what little down-time I have. Maggie and I are currently in the middle of re-watching Firefly (Grr-Arg). I'm amazed that I have any free time at all, and I often feel like I'm wasting it, getting virtually nothing done when I should be getting craploads done in all cases. There's so much to do, and I just can't really prioritize as well as I used to be able to. I'm pretty sure that I'm neglecting nearly everything I need to do in favour of work.

I want to do what's right, I want to do what's fair

I sent my dad a copy of the HBO John Adams mini-series recently, and I hope he enjoys it. More to the point, I hope he got the DVD player he got last year hooked up to his TV.

Here's hoping that the ADF Clergy Training Program Third Circle will be approved soon. I need to try and get it sent out for wording and discussion on the Clergy Council, but dunno if I'll manage it tonight. . . too much to do, as usual. But, if we get it approved, it'll be the first time since the mid- to late-90's that ADF has had a program of study that could take someone from new member all the way through ordination as an ADF Priest.

This excites me immensely. Immensely.

Yeah with a tin cup for a chalice, fill it up with good red wine
And I'm a chewin' on a honeysuckle vine