September 15th, 2009



Yow: the past week's been a bit of a speedy run downhill!

I've brought some projects to completion recently:
  • I spent some time revising and revamping the Dedicants page on the ADF members' side so that it's a lot more descriptive, and also got the "new" edition (edited, finally!) up on the site.
  • After that, I completed over half of Trance 2 on Saturday night at the Midnight Flame Festival (which already has dates for next year up).
  • Then, this morning I completed and published the guidebook (see the cover on the right) for the ADF Order of the Crane. Once I have a copy of it in-hand (hopefully by Thursday), I think we'll be ready to go forward with the Order itself, which is completely "done" in terms of initial development.

It was a hell of a time to come back to real life and get back to work, though. The festival last weekend was amazing, as always, and I had a hell of a lot of fun. Plus, I got to spend around 16 total hours in the car with druidkirk talking about all sorts of nifty things, both within and without ADF.

The Trance 2 near-completion is what boggles my mind most of all, though: I didn't think I'd actually manage that before October, but now it seems I will. . . and in time for the Clergy Retreat, which also means that it'll be in time to get myself initiated into this new ADF Initiatory Current.

Then, I can tie the Order of the Crane into that current, as well, at least partially.

That's motivation, really. It's also a plan.

Wow, just. . . wow.