September 30th, 2009


More on the Order of the Crane

How on earth is it that in this economy, getting a quote in a timely manner is virtually impossible? If it were only one vendor, I could maybe understand, but nearly all of them?

I know I've spoken much about the ADF Order of the Crane thing that seamus_mcnasty and I have been playing architect on, but I want to touch base a bit more. Bear with me, I'll be thinking out loud.

After receiving the first copies of the Order book, I started digging into the project. So far, I've added about ten pages to the total book, reformatted the text, and rearranged the way things are introduced so that they make a bit more sense. I've been outsourcing work that I'm not so hot with to various Grove members, and think that sometime after this weekend's Clergy Retreat, we may very well be ready to announce the Order of the Crane for folks outside the Grove.

I also started a large chunk of our Grove down the Order's path by doing a "meet the Crane" journey at the last Druid Moon rite. After having read a couple of descriptions of those journeys, I was deeply moved to write a few ritual pieces, which will appear in the book.

One thing that stands out to me is that I want to revise the second level oath. You see, there are three oaths that get taken in the course of the work: the Crane-Following Oath (basic, open-ended, promise to do devotionals and service work), the Crane-Dedicant Oath (dedicating the member to the Crane, still open-ended, and building on the CFO), and the Crane-Initiate Oath (more specific and personal, long-term-y, written with the Clergy Advisor's input). I want the Crane-Dedicant Oath to be fixed, but have not settled on solid, appropriate wording. I have something in place, but keep re-thinking it, and feedback on it has led to greater re-thinking.

In other news, I'm two questions away from completing Trance 2. If I complete by Friday night, I might actually be able to undergo the ADF Initiation with druidkirk on Saturday. The question is, will I have time to do something like that?