February 3rd, 2010


Musings on reporting and attendance of Groves

I have been thinking about revisiting the Grove Attendance Statistics page and updating it with this year's information, plus last year's information, to see what's going on in the Groves. The problem with that is that I rely on Grove reports for that info, and the percentage of fourth quarter reports isn't as high this year as it was last year.

I'm hoping to wait another week or so, until after this quarter's report due-date has come and gone, to try and gather the info as a result.

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Numbers are easy things to get caught up on, though. It's really about quality, not quantity, of your attendees, I tend to think. But that comes from 8 years of looking back on this remarkable Grove. Heck, I found a ritual write-up I did from 2004 where only romandruid and I showed up to a ritual from the Grove (with about 9 or so non-members), and my review paints it in a pretty glowing light.

Still, I remember what it was like to wonder if what you were doing was really worth it when only 6 people showed up to a ritual. . . or two, like the first time that anivair and I did ritual. In the dark. Without a flashlight.

It wasn't fun, and it wasn't easy. I mentioned recently to a friend that not all soil is fertile enough to cause a Grove to grow and bear fruit, and that sometimes soil that you never expect to be fertile produces the most amazing and strong trees imaginable. I was fortunate enough to find not only good soil, but good gardeners to work that soil, too.

Anyway, I wasn't intending to slip off into a reflective essay on starting and running a Grove. I really was just hoping to encourage folk who haven't submitted their reports to do so. I suspect that come ADF elections, some folk will make big deals out of report filings (myself among them), so folks running for something might want to take a look at any reports they are responsible for and ensure that they're filled out and complete. . . because I base a lot of my decisions about elections on the level of detail in quarterly reports that folk are responsible for filing.