May 9th, 2010


Reviewing the CTP: Rewarding Advancement and Dividing the Ordained and Consecrated

I posted a bit ago about adding a discipline requirement to the CTP, and increasing the required discipline as our Priests "move up" in the CTP. If we expect additional work to be done on the "disciplinary" level of our Priesthood as folk progress through the program, then we must ensure both balance in their work in ADF and that there are rewards available for those who do the work.

Some of these things have been brought up before, but centrally, at this time we have effectively made "consecrated" and "ordained" Priests identical, except that consecrated Priests are required to renew their credentials. This is problematic on many levels, as it makes our system far more complicated for new (and old) members, and most members can't expalin the difference between ordination and consecration. This will need to change, and a set of "rules" that differentiate between those who are consecrated and those who are ordained can help explain those differences.

I am working from the basic assumption that our Ordained members will be more focused on the spiritual affairs of our church than the administrative portion, and also that they have devoted more time and energy than the average member (or even average clergyperson) toward building skills in order to give those skills to ADF, so ADF should also reciprocate by giving to them as well.

Some items I might recommend due to advancement to prevent work overload/burnout:
  • Removal of ability to serve on the Mother Grove for Ordained Priests (except as Archdruid or Vice Archdruid; Consecrated Priests would face no such limitation).
  • Impose a limit on offices held, elected or appointed, at any given time by CTP Circle 2 and Circle 3 students.
Some thoughts on rewarding advancement might include:
  • Paying for an ADF Ordained Priest's ADF membership from a clergy fund.
  • Offering an Ordained Priest the option to purchase a Lifetime Membership.
  • Providing weighted voting (one vote per Circle, etc.) or removing votes from Consecrated Priests.
  • Requiring Clergy Council Officers to be Ordained (or add descriptors to the CC Officers to create a "Dedicant Priest at large" and "Ordained Priest at large" and require 4/5 officers to be ordained)
  • Making Consecrated Priests' credentials available only to their own Grove
  • Limiting the Clergy Council's ability to nominate an Archdruid to the available pool of Ordained Priests (while continuing to allow the CoSD and Mother Grove to nominate using their own criteria).
These are just some first ideas.