July 9th, 2010


Moving along, getting it done.

I have been trying to turn my presentation on the Indo-European afterlife into a paper that can be put up on the ADF site (and my own, of course), as well as completing a paper about the role of the Priest in ADF (mostly done), and another one regarding faith in modern Neo-Paganism (and particularly our form of Druidry) that I started today. I'm also trying to write a story for Lughnassadh, but my source material is pretty thin. On top of that, we've started gearing up to enter the wedding market with our Priests (having two Priests in the Grove makes it easier to do that), so there's a lot of literature being created around that, too. Sometimes, all this stuff gets a bit confounding, as I work to draw it together in a timely manner. . . most of the time, stuff sort of drops off and I pick it up a few months (or years) later.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get a good amount of stuff done this weekend, even as I spend less and less time near a computer.

Ah, well. There's time enough for all things. Here's to being ever-hopeful that things will work out.