July 19th, 2010


Religious Preference?

Today, at the hospital, I was asked, in the middle of a blinding array of fast-pitched questions, "Religious preference?"

And I busted out laughing, then said, "None."

I'm not sure why I busted out laughing, but I think it had to do with the momentary absurdity of defining religion as my "preference." Still, I didn't laugh out loud when, twenty minutes earlier, another nurse had asked me if I was sexually active and "with girls, boys, or both?" On balance, I think that's the funnier question to me, since I'd probably have phrased it as "women, men, or both?"

I do know why I said, "None." It's easier than bothering to explain, spell, or repeat the word "Pagan" or "Druid" six or seven times, each time with increasing volume. Besides that, I had a momentary thought of, "How would they even know who to call?" Heck, I'd probably be at the top of their list of Druid or Pagan priests in the area. Listing Maggie as my emergency contact resolves most of that: our Grove doesn't have a listing in the phone book, after all, and Maggie would know to call seamus_mcnasty

Still, I sort of surprised myself with both reactions to the question: distinct reactions that seemed strange to me after they happened.

In the end, it's not a particularly good reason to laugh or to say I don't have a preference in my religion (I do, after all, take my religion pretty seriously and I certainly have a preference in the end), but it stood out in my mind as I thought back on the entire experience as something worth commenting on.