July 27th, 2010


Moving through the IP and updating the website

I've finally gotten the gumption together to re-start some of the work I've been doing, and the past few weeks have been focused on doing work around the Initiate's Path program I've been planning out, as some may have noticed from my previous entry. Right now, I'm in the process of building the schedule, which means buying a calendar and trying to fit the work into a more visible representation of the year than what's in my head.

I'm also in the process of building the tools that go with the IP program I'm working on. This has proved to be rather entertaining, as I am enjoying the chance to try and build tools and make them work. Of course, finding apple-shaped bells has been a bit of a problem, but I think I finally zeroed in on a site that has them.

I'm working on an update to the Chronarchy.Com front page. That's been long in coming, and with the completion of (and temporary closing-the-book-on) my CTP work, I have a lot of stuff that needs to be updated and re-built on the site. I'm pushing out a new look to the site, updating a few things that have been built over the past few weeks, and rolling out a new online shop so I can sell stuff. Speaking of, I need to get back to my testers on that.

I also updated my DP work. Since I passed the DP under the "old" requirements, there have been some gaps in my DP work as displayed on the site. I've just finished my "nature awareness" requirement that was added to the DP in 2003, and I have just one more requirement to finish now, the 3 Kindreds essays.

See, even ADF's most trained Priests have to revisit their DP work from time to time.

And I'm slowly exiting my patronage relationship with Eris. I have a lot of odd, conflicting feelings about that, to be honest.