January 14th, 2011


Receiving the gifts of magic

Last night, I received via mail one of the magical tools I was personally missing to start the Nine Woods IP work. Only one other thing is missing, but I believe I know exactly where to get that. Doing the work within our Grove also gives me the opportunity to make solid use of one of our Grove symbols for a change, meaning that another object that I thought I might have to supply is already available to Grove members.

It's nice to work again with magical tools on a deep level, to have the "props" and "stuff" that magicians make use of. . . Most of my ritual work in Druidry has generally abhorred such things, aiming more for content over form. The problem with this is that the form has value and meaning, and (perhaps more importantly) it can drive the meaning of that content.

Anyway, working with tools again has me excited to try things out again, to experiment with ritual and magic in a way that I haven't really done in a couple of years. In receiving the tool last night, something awoke within me, and I started to plan.

The past few weeks have seen a sort of resurgence of magical thought and deed in me: I was so dragged down and stressed out by things mundane that I didn't really have an opportunity to do the things that keep me going on a spiritual front. The winter, though, is often like this, with its late sunrises and early sunsets. I think it was really a chat about magic with healing_coyote that got me thinking about this in the first place, just a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've been thinking hard about it and making it all happen.

I think that what I really needed was just someone to talk to about the magical side of life. I don't get that as much as I used to, after all.

Anyway, off to lunch with tesinth at the moment, then back to the day at hand. . . and looking forward to a weekend of delving into the magical. . .