May 20th, 2011


Brief update. More to come, I'm sure.

It's been a busy few weeks:

  • There's a new Clergy Training Program in town - The Council of Lore has gathered enough votes to pass the revisions to the ADF Clergy Training Program. I cannot tell you how pleased-as-punch I am that's all over. I'm very, very pleased with the new program, and it seems like most others are as well. It's got new features that the previous program didn't (like an actual spiritual side that requires you to do ritual consistently through the training) and it expands on the ritual and magical aspects while retaining most of the scholarly work.
  • I've done two weddings in the past two weeks - One was a bit of a surprise, the other had been in planning for a while. My experiences with both these weddings has led to some changes in the terms we have on the site (payment terms, notice of date, etc.), but I'm pleased that I was able to be there for both new families. One was at a beautiful waterfall (check out my Facebook for photos from that wedding), and the other was shifted to an indoor location with damn fine acoustics (also starting to trickle onto Facebook).
  • A review of my own wedding - I've started and stopped crafting a post on my wedding, which is now nearly 8 months ago. We got it paid off entirely, which is awesome, about two or three months ago, and I'd intended to make a post then, but I just haven't really had time. At some point, I hope to put all the photos up and do a complete description, but until then, the photos are online! Go look!
  • We're landscaping the house - We started replacing all the wood around the house with stone (because the wood is pretty damn rotten at this point, 8 years after buying the house). I've gotten some good exercise in (chopping wood, carrying stones), and it's been a lot of fun, actually, despite how crazy hard it is. Plus, we're using up a crapload of the gravel from the backyard, finally!
  • And with all this, Maggie is returning to school - She's seeking her Master's in Social Work, so she'll be able to earn a bit more cash. The discount she receives for her education is just one of the many perks marrying me got her (OSU pays half her tuition, thankfully)!
So, that's my current life in a nutshell. More to come, I'm sure. I hope to see as many people as possible at Wellspring next weekend!