January 24th, 2012


My Interview Posted on Sunday!

I've mentioned that this was upcoming a couple of times, but brandondedicant and I got to sit down and have a discussion about the importance of action in Our Druidry, and the interview has been posted. Check it out!

Practice begets belief: An interview with Rev. Michael J Dangler, Druid

The comments have raised some good questions (some I'm still responding to), and a few of my friends seemed to enjoy it (it made the rounds on Facebook already). A lot of what I said really boils down to the notion of, "Walk your walk: do the work!" but I like to think that there's a slightly deeper subtext to it. I really enjoyed listening to it again.

Also, if you have any interest in Persephone at all, you should really listen to the interview: Brandon has a pretty cool ritual idea that he mentions.

I'd be interested in what folks think about the stuff Brandon and I talked about, too.