June 11th, 2012


Gotta love a penguin wedding. . .

An Inca TernThe highlight of my weekend was *not* the birds with the handlebar mustaches (though one must admit, that was pretty damn awesome). Instead, it was the wedding of _crow365__ and emerald_diane, which was more awesome. But because I saw those birds—this type being called an Inca Tern—I'm going to count it as adding to the awesome.

Also adding to the awesome, I was able to "stand up" for _crow365__ during the wedding; I had my picture taken with Elvis, the penguin; danced dirty with athenamsb (and slightly more chastely with skylark913); wore a tuxedo with tails, a monocle, and a sword-cane; meeting an old, one-eyed owl (and watching the Hellenes quiver in barely-controlled Athena-citement when they saw him while the Norse folks made jokes about how he's an "Oðin Owl"); and ate penguin-shaped cookies.

Not so awesome were: taking two too many wrong turns in Pittsburgh (which is a really terrible town, traffic-wise); the giant pile-o-mattresses behind the slightly skeezy (but cheap) hotel; the "we don't open until noon on Sunday and we're out to lunch if you want to pick up your tux" tuxedo place; and over-using my 3G access trying to find my way around that maddening city of non-euclidean geometry.

On balance, a very good weekend. Deepest congrats to the happy couple!