July 11th, 2013


Well, That Was Quick: trying to tell people one at a time about things doesn't always work

I guess I don't know what I really expected: to get to be the person who got to tell people the news that was mine to tell? To believe that maybe I'd get to tell people something cool one-on-one when it was quiet and intimate and joyful for me and for them? To maybe (just maybe) not have to pick and choose who got to know what at what time, but to let it flow organically from when I got to see people?

Well, whatever I thought, I know one thing for certain now: it is apparently not actually my news to tell, it seems.

So, without ceremony or care for whether you've heard or not (because if you haven't, I'll bet you're about to hear about it from someone other than me, so I won't get to see you be excited or terrified for me anyway): my wife is pregnant, and we're having twins.

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So, there you have it.