October 14th, 2015


Druidry, as a "thing explained."

Today, I stumbled onto the XKCD Thing Explainer "Word Checker" and decided to try and write a description of Druidry using it. The Word Checker tells you when you're using a word that is not in the 1,000 most common words in English, and prompts you to figure out some other way to explain what you're talking about (check out the graphic that explains how a Saturn V rocket works done with this limitation).

With no real plan, I came up with this very simple description of Druidry. Hope you enjoy it:

I'd like to talk about the beliefs of the old "land across the sea" people. These are the people who were around before the now "land across the sea" people, and they did a lot of moving around, going from place to place until finally stopping at their now place, which is really more of a "then" place, since it was before now.

There were many groups of these people, each talking their own way and having their own ideas about who lives in the world beyond ours, just out of our reach. It is said that they went to fights without clothing, gave gifts to the people living in the world beyond ours, and gathered around fires and trees and things to be together.

Today, we do a lot of these things, sort of like they did them then. We gather on certain important days, do work with moon faces and part-faces, and remember the people living in the world beyond ours, and hope they hear us when we speak. We sing to the Earth Mother, Her children, the Spirits of Place, and our Mothers and Fathers.

We light a fire at the center of the world, and we give gifts to the spirits around it. We hope they will come to visit us there, as we speak to them, and hope that our work will help keep the world working, and ordered.

Even though we have moved across the sea to be where we are now, we remember where we came from, and bring it with us to this place we now live.

It was an interesting exercise. I'd do it again.