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"Moonlight and magnolias, starlight in your hair. . ."

It appears that, pretty much across the board, I'm crushing on Eris and Tina. There are some minor exceptions (many people think I'm crushing on them for instance. . . meet me behind the stadium to find out if it's true).

I approve of this.

As for what a "crush" is: I generally see it as something non-sexual, fun, and generally amusing. Most people give it a sexual connotation, which I understand, but I've never really given it one myself.

I probably shouldn't have left it "viewable: none", now that I think about it. It was a silly exercise. But one never knows what's going to come up in such a poll. . .

I think I've decided that, in general, I dislike the "veiwable: none" designation. I like my journal being open to public view too much.
Tags: amusement, eris, hotties

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