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Chaos Working: A Bold New World

Tomorrow, the world will be a bit more complicated.

Tomorrow, I'll be in demand.

Tomorrow, I'll shift my worldview in an interesting new way.


I'm shifting my worldview in an interesting and new way. The experiment for tomorrow incolves me (the magician) being available for time-traveling magicians (from the future and the past) who need sigils created. The majority of these magicians are time-travelers by accident, not by choice, so they aren't the most skilled magicians. Some have no idea how they travel through time, and want to stop, but don't know how.

Envision the classic magician's apprentice (embodied by Mickey Mouse, of course) as he reads from his master's book to do chores more easily, and you will understand. Instead of bringing brooms to life, he ends up traveling at random through time and space. Terrible thing to have happen.

Anyway, word has gotten around that any magician in trouble can come to me for help. I blame fred_smith for this because I once created a sigil for him that opened a jar of pickles for his sandwich, thus saving his life. I actually did this tomorrow, but because these are time-traveling mages, they all got wind of it and have been approaching me for years.

In fact, my parents saved my very first drawing, which is a sigil to call on Arthur from "The Sword in the Stone" to come to the aid of a Chaos Magician who visited the Granada Royale in Arizona in 1983. Apparently, he needed to pull a sword out of a cactus. Never found out if he managed it, but even back then, I was quite the sigilizer (as is obvious from my advanced symbolic drawing technique).

So wish me luck tomorrow, when everything in this entry becomes real.
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