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Cranes in Ireland were not so nice. . .

I caught this today, and just asked if I could copy the translation:

Athirne the Unsociable

I'm consistently unconvinced that these cranes have anything to do with Esus, but it never hurts to look at them from time to time. Here's hoping he says "yes" so I can put it on my website!

When we first named the Grove "Three Cranes", Gwynne Green asked me if I knew anything about cranes at all, indicating that it was a poor choice. I'd never heard this particular legend, but upon reading it, it doesn't seem to have any actual connection at all (and it certainly doesn't read the way she described it).

(btw, tlachtga, do you have any theories on that? I'd be very interested in your professional opinion.)
Tags: myth, three cranes grove

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