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DP Mentoring, and junk.

Some of you may recall my work on a DP mentoring program. Here's the final course outline, week and topic:

Week | Topic

Week 1: Personal Religion and an Introduction
Week 2: The First Oath
Week 3: The first High Holy Day: an explanation.
Week 4: First High Day recap
Week 5: Nature Awareness 1
Week 6: first book started: I-E Studies
Week 7: Home Shrine
Week 8: Meditation and Mental Training
Week 9: The second High Holy Day: an explanation
Week 10: Second High Day recap
Week 11: The Two Powers
Week 12: Ancestors, the Mighty Dead
Week 13: The Nine Virtues: Wisdom
Week 14: The Home Shrine (revisited)
Week 15: The third High Holy Day: an explanation
Week 16: Third High Day recap
Week 17: The Nine Virtues: Piety
Week 18: Personal Religion
Week 19: The Dedicant Oath: First Thoughts
Week 20: The Nine Virtues: Vision
Week 21: The Fourth High Holy Day: An Explanation
Week 22: Fourth High Day Recap
Week 23: Nature Awareness 2
Week 24: The Two Powers
Week 25: The Nine Virtues: Courage
Week 26: Second Book Started: Modern Paganism 37
Week 27: The Fifth High Holy Day: An Explanation
Week 28: Fifth High Day Recap
Week 29: The Nine Virtues: Integrity
Week 30: The Two Powers: Final Essay
Week 31: The Three Kindred: Nature Spirits
Week 32: Meditation Reflection and Final Essay
Week 33: The Sixth High Holy Day: An Explanation
Week 34: Sixth High Day Recap
Week 35: The Nine Virtues: Perseverance
Week 36: Personal Religion
Week 37: Home Shrine Revisited, Final Essay
Week 38: The Nine Virtues: Hospitality
Week 33: The Seventh High Holy Day: An Explanation
Week 34: Seventh High Day Recap
Week 41: Nature Awareness (Final Essay)
Week 42: Third Book Started: Hearth Culture
Week 43: The Three Kindred: Deities
Week 44: The Nine Virtues: Moderation
Week 45: Eighth High Holy Day
Week 34: Eighth High Day Recap
Week 47: The Nine Virtues: Fertility
Week 48: The Three Kindred: Final Essays
Week 49: Wrapping Up: Personal Religion (Final Essay) and Book Reports
Week 50: The Dedicant's Oath
Week 51: Final High Day and Dedicant Oath Rite
Week 52: Final High Day and Dedicant Oath Rite Recap

I'm hoping to have it done by tonight. Then I get to go check and find out why I have nine High Days in one year and figure out what else is screwy. I'm down to the final 5 weeks.

It'll be discussed at Wellspring, I think.

Special thanks to the Dedicants of ADF. If I've posted something in your LJ about a DP entry, I probably mentioned a pointer I gave you in this program. And special thanks, also, to those who commented when I originally talked about this on LJ.

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