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May 25th, 2005

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01:31 pm - Some things that have struck and/or amused me in the past few days:
  1. I need to learn how to treat people who have seizures. I've seen two in recent memory, and as a former first-responder to emergency situations, I should know this stuff, but I don't. And watching a man have a seizure in the airport yesterday was surreal. No one knew how to respond, and so no one did. I wasn't anywhere close to the guy, and I was the only person to run to the ticket counter to get help. What was wrong with those people? No one even called for help. But what really got me thinking about it was this thought: what happens if someone has a seizure at a Grove event?
  2. Also at the airport: "Please be conscious of all metal on your person." I was amused by this. It seemed to me that the nice-sounding lady on the intercom was asking people to use the Force to feel anything with metal content on their body, to separate it out, and to know where it is, mentally. It seemed like a very metaphysical way of putting it.
  3. From singingwren at lunch today: "Besides lactating sheep, there are other animals that lactate. That's why we have different traditions of Paganism." This, of course, is a reference to PSA's first Lantern Article. We teach our Co-Chairs well.
  4. Sometimes, you forget just how good your friends are.
  5. I saw Star Wars twice on opening night. I haven't talked about it, but it's one of the best stories I have at the moment. I'll definitely have to talk about it soon, because I saw it before everyone on my friend's list. I got to see a press screening. For free.

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Current Music: "She's Got You", -JB

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Date:May 26th, 2005 07:57 pm (UTC)
re: seizures

best advice (and what we tell folks over the 911 horn) is to Do Nothing. get stuff out of the way and make sure they're not going to twitch down a ravine, but other than that, just let it run its course.

folks seizing will often turn blue (and there are other reasons than epilepsy). you won't be able to perform cpr while their seizing, so one should wait and see what happens after they're done.

you maybe be able to check for medic-alert jewelry or cards while seizing, but definitely check afterwards.

and good gods, if you feel uncomfortable go ahead and call 911, that's what they pay me for! wait 5 minutes, my ass. (grrr.)

the rest of the advice on that page is pretty much what we're trained to tell folks. nothing in the mouth until they are FULLY alert (meaning they can talk to you and stuff and it actually makes sense).

and maybe grove members who regularly attend functions should disclose any situations that may arise? i ask my students to do this...we don't need a complete medical history but just a "hey, when this happens, do this" or "i keep my epi-pen here in case of bee stings"...that sort of thing.

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