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Some anger management

Last week, someone (I don't know who, and I don't care) referred to my friends as objects. In particular, they were talking about the women I know and have known at festivals over the past two years.

Now, I don't mind rumours: they'd all be untrue, and everyone knows that.

What I do mind is that these people I know; the ones I hang out with; the ones who have taught me a lot about and shown me what independent, strong-willed, assertive women can really do; and the ones whose friendship I wouldn't trade for anything have been painted as "arm candy".

Like I said, I don't know who used that particular phrase, and I'd prefer not to. I'd rather think that it was someone who doesn't know me or the women I hang out with.

I would ask, though, that you stop and reconsider that language. The women I've met at festivals, through PSA, through ADF, and through my involvement with various other Pagan groups are more than just pretty faces (though many of them are very pretty). They're indepedent, interesting people. Each one of them has brought something new and interesting into my life, each one has added a layer of depth (not superficiality) to my world, and each one has proven time and again that they're more than some pretty thing sitting on my arm.

I spend a lot of time with individuals at festivals, I know that. Often, I spend that time for various reasons (I may feel protective, they may show great hospitality, or I might feel safe with them). In the long run, I never plan on it happening. It just does. They may offer me a mead horn, share an interest in a topic, or corner me and not let me go. But I always, always find them amazing, intriguing, deep people with more layers than I can ever count, and that is why I find myself so interested in them.

Special thanks to smithing_chick, ceolnamara, mistw02, qorinda, perlgirlju, shizukagozen, healing_coyote, singingwren, and Erien, all of whom are really beautiful and wonderful people that I've spent festivals with.
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