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Some days, I wish I could post about the crazy and weird things that happen here at work.

In general, though, I don't because I want to keep my journal open to the public, and I handle some *very* sensative data (everything from Social Security numbers to stalker cases to transexual people hoping to erase their old lives). I have a lot of fun doing it, some days, and I have some really good stories that I am comfortable talking about in person, but not in the permanent form of a public LJ post.

Occasionally, I can talk about individual customers who are just too good to pass up, but I have to be vague. Including dates and names and things is just loads of trouble.

But if you see me today, have I got a fun story. I'll still have to leave out some details, but man, today has started out to be interesting and fun!

(actually, now that I think about it, I need to drop king_mob a line later and let him know what's up with this one. . .)
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