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Five Question Madness!

From vampyrecandy:

1. How did the whole "Mike is bi" thing come about in PSA?

If I knew that, I could just let it slide and stop bitching about it. So, help me root out the culprit and I'll bake you cookies. Oh, and I'll stop wondering "Who done it" out loud.

2. How do you feel about gossip as a whole- ie, do you participate?

Of course I participate! I've been in PSA this long, do you think I could stop gossiping if I wanted to?!?!

However, if I hear something in confidence, it stops with me. There are lots of interesting things I've picked up over the years that I won't be sharing with anyone. I'm fortunate not to have an over-powering desire to share intimate details of a person's life.

3. My former best friends boyfriend was a chaos magician before he died. He was not a nice person in the least (in fact, he was freakin' scary). What do you think about the fact that he hid his sigils in tattoos he designed for others?

I think he's extremely creative. You should really read this essay, though.

Chaos Magicians tend to be assholes. There are no two ways about it. Why do you think Discordians are scripturally obliged to "Stick apart"? We may be crazy, but we aren't stupid. I'm sure I'm an asshole, though I hope I keep it down to around 50% of the time, and I'm sure I do things that other people consider at least shady.

I balance my Chaos workings with genuine and complete devotion to my deities. I can see the world from both angles, and I try to make sure that one doesn't supplant the other. While I recognize Druidism as my religion, I recognize Chaos Magic as a tool for deconstructing that religion when I require it.

I use Chaos Magic to deconstruct myself as well. Some people get really big egos when they start working through Chaos Magic. It's a perfect system: believe whatever you want, and make fun of people who have structured belief systems. Well, there's a quote from Pete Carroll in that essay I referenced above:

"The first stage of seeing through the game can be a shocking enlightenment that leads either to a weary cynicism or Buddhism. The second stage of actually applying the insight to oneself can destroy the illusion of the soul and create a magician."

Max is right that a lot of people are convinced that they see through the game, when they really don't. I hope I've made it to that second stage, but I'm not willing to assume I have.

4. What's the best place within walking distance from campus to enjoy nature?

High Street. By far. Especially at about 11 PM at night, on a Friday or Saturday.

It's just a different kind of nature than what you meant, I think.

5. If you had to describe me in 5 words or less (doesn't have to be a sentence), what words would they be?

Give me a minute. . . Okay, ready:






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