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Tags and roaches

Side note: I updated my journal so that I could use tags. This is really cool, as now you can see, say, everything related to ADF, or everything related to Chaos Magic, or everything I consider "writings", or every thing related to hotties. Take your pick.

I'm only back to about January 2005 so far (and I have a lot more writings to tag), but it's a start. Some of my best stuff is back in 2004, so look for an update once I've gone back further. The best part, of course, is that it'll let people like romandruid avoid my CM entries :) (don't worry, they'll get her eventually).

The most popular tag is "writings", followed closely by "amusement" and "ADF", if that tells you anything about my journal. "Hotties" ranks up about in the upper-middle of the tags.

The only thing that isn't amusing? I haven't figured out how to get my cockroaches back. I miss them. They scurried off when I turned the lights on in my journal to update it. In honour, here are five green cockroaches for your viewing pleasure, until I figure out how to lure them back to the comment screen:

Tags: amusement, bugs, lj

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