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Nothing is True, Everything is permissible

So, yes. I know.

1) I'm behind getting the liturgy out for the next rite. Way behind.

2) I probably didn't manage to respond to several people.

3) I have PSA stuff out the wazoo to finish (fliers, etc.)

4) I have to go shopping for the next ritual.

5) I have to get something done for a friend. No, you don't know who you are.

6) I have to make hotel reservations for Harvard.

7) I have to get a car for the same.

8) I have to work real hard over the next couple of days to get everything ready for the students.

9) I have to talk to the brat who made my life miserable yesterday.


But, on the bright side:

1) New altar pictures are on the way! I just finished setting up in my room. Problem is, I caught Alex on it today. It's too low. Damn. Those Gods are breakable, and my cats like to play the "Gravity Game". You know the one.

2) I'm not stressed yet. Getting close, but not there.

3) There are some real hotties on campus now. The Oval is coming back to life.

4) My car started this morning. Pray for her continued health.

5) I learned some new things about carving Runes.

6) My mailing campaign is coming along nicely. . . This box goes to. . . KOREA! Be careful, for you may be next!

So not all is lost. Just freaking most of it.

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