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Bruce Campbell is all good. . .

Nothing can excuse Wendy's no longer giving you larger fries when you ask them to "biggie size" your meal.

But I did manage to find two new issues of Army of Darkness: Shop Till You Drop Dead. One cover includes Ash wielding a lightsabre!

Today is a good day, but it would have been better if Wendy's were a team player.

On second thought, as I was looking for a link for their bastard plans to reduce my fry intake, I found their section on animal welfare, and I'm quite pleased with their treatment of chickens. Maybe a chicken sandwich is in order. I don't usually eat it because of the methods of raising and transporting chickens. Call it a "bad run-in" with a transported chicken in my childhood. red_sput will know what I mean.

McDonald's isn't quite so descriptive of their initiatives, though, so I'm curious about their chicken, not that I eat it anyway.

Anyone know where I can get a myrtle branch? I need it to summon me a ghost.
Tags: activism, amusement, bruce campbell, comics, family, sandwiches, stupidity

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