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In some manner of explaination of my previous post, I should note that I spent a lot of time this weekend working up a list of magical palindromes and names and wings. They're kind of floating through my head at the moment, and there's a lot of work left to be done. I also built up a list of corrections to the Grove Organizer's Handbook (and sent them off), wrote most of an Oak Leaves article, actually started reading some papers from romandruid, and finalized some plans for raising Dude from the dead.

In all, it was a magical weekend.

I also got to see a friend who is being deployed to some sandbox somewhere that she can't tell us about, which culminated in a shopping spree across Amish country and me fighting carsickness on winding roads, headaches, and serious tiredness. I had some good pie, though. . . Erien has spoiled me terribly and I now have a desire to get desert at restaurants. This is strange, new, and against my tight-fisted upbringing.

Tina's bathroom is now finished, and is a bright yellow. The next home improvement project may commence.

It appears my November will be booked with travel, as I've been invited to Korea and to Austria that month. I think I now have to find a way to change hemispheres in the near future.

Tina and I are potentially discussing a party after August 1. No actual word yet on whether it'll happen, but it sure sounds like a great idea that just can't go wrong.
Tags: adf, amusement, articles, chaos magic, friends, goh, hotties, names, oak leaves, palindromes, wings

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