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Women and stones.

Well, we've discovered many things in the past day:

I don't know who Keith Richards is. Apparently, he's a founding member of the Rolling Stones. I suppose they're a pretty good band. *shrugs* I don't think they're that great, though.

I might be obsessed with Buffett. I don't think there's anything at all unhealthy about that.

Speaking of Buffett, I found that the Church of Buffett, Orthodox has a "vault" of unreleased and rare recordings, like "Please Take Your Drunk Fifteen Year Old Girlfriend Home". It's a good resource.

I believe all Pagans should be Parrotheads. It just makes sense. If you listen to his lyrics, they're all about the ocean, the earth, and natural things. Well, there's a lot about excess and women, but that's just icing on the cake.

We also learned that (some) women and I have different ideas about telling people you're attracted to them. No biggie.

But I still think that it should be stated.

I was discussing yesterday with a friend that I've got several categories for women:

- IGN*
- average
- cute
- pretty
- beautiful
- gorgeous

And there're two pan-categories:

- not hot
- hot

Any of the above 6 can be either hot or not hot. The hot/not hot dichotomy can be explained as a transitive category that changes depending on the time, the subject, and the effort put into it. No one is always hot, nor is anyone never hot.

Keep in mind that one of my favourite pastimes is looking at beautiful things. This includes many things, like (of course) women, diamonds in a display case at a jeweler, and nature. I'm not ashamed to stare at something beautiful until I've taken it all in.

I have only ever used the word "gorgeous" to describe one woman. The other terms are flexible, and some women fit into one today and another tomorrow. Every woman moves around, but those categories are far more concrete and exact than the others.

*IGN – "I got nothing"

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