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Paradigm Shifts, Forbidden Names, and Six-Shooting Sigils

The past two to three weeks have probably been the most magically active of my life. I do know that the activity has always gone in spurts, of course, but everything I've done for the past couple of weeks has been centered around magic. The fact that I've been posting so lightly bears this out.

From studying palindromes to learning magical names; from preparing oaths to building relationships with spirits; from reading Lovecraft to fact-checking Starhawk; from examining servitors to creating six-shooter sigils, everything is centered on magic.

I've never studied so hard in my life.

Every altar piece is now cleaned and polished. Herbs are arriving. Journals are covered from front to back. Instructions are left behind. Wax figures are prepared.

And there's still so much to be done.

This is a time of magic, a time of wonder. Every waking moment is considering a new shift on reality. Every breath is uttering forbidden names and strange syllables. Every person is a potential apprentice or competitor.

Magical musical mutations, six-shooting sigils, disasterous desires denied, working will wakened.

Maybe it's the deadline that looms, but everything works faster and harder just now.
Tags: amusement, chaos magic,, cthulhu et al, freedom, ghosts, names, oaths, palindromes, reflections, rituals, sigils

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