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A little bit of everything

"I find support in the sky and the earth; I find support in expiation and inspiration; I find support in day and night; I find support in food and drink; in the holy power; in the lordly power; in these worlds I find support."
        -Rg Veda

Poll #552315 poll 7: Meetings!

Are you going to Summerland?

Still thinking.
Tending toward yes
Tending toward no
I really, really want to but can't.
I could go if I really wanted to, but don't.

I'm awake, alive, and moving. I'm working on the backlog of work that's been stuck in my in box since I spent a couple of days at home, taking care of *me*. It's amazing to me how important everyone thinks their request for my work is.

The weekend involved some good relaxation, but it ended with a sour note to me.

My world, recently, has been one of magic and deep study. I have had time to do things that I never had time for before. I don't remember when I last read a book cover to cover. The last thing I read was probably Drawing Down the Moon for my Dedicant Program, over two years ago. Even school books were not read: I had more important things to do.

But on Thursday of last week, while home sick from work, I read Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle, which everyone really ought to read, I think, especially if you're interested in totalitarianism and alternative reality.

There are so many things I'm interested in trying and experimenting with. Just this past weekend, I created a variant on the Gnostic Thunderbolt, a rite I've used with effect before but found far too full of annoying trappings.

I've also been reading The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage and Postmodern Magic. The former is full of nifty things and is an endless source of quaint amusement that I may use to create a working, while the latter is full of fluff and is consistently reminding me that it's a Llewellyn book by citing other Llewellyn books as good sources. Sometimes the book makes sense, but damn, it's sometimes just really annoying in his outright rejection of science and the scientific method. He seems to believe that magic is an art that is totally outside the domain of science.

The Grove has gotten together a maximum of three times per month (one liturgy meeting, one business meeting, and one ritual) ever since we started (except for a two-month period when we met each Sunday morning). I've been thinking about that recently, and the more involved we get, the more we're going to need to increase the number of meetings we have.

Talk has come up again of doing weekly rituals. Yes, we could do them, if there is enough interest. Maybe each Sunday morning, or every Sunday night. I would very much like to increase the number of rituals, and pass around the responsibility of leading them to some of our newer members. We could try things out, work them harder, and get better at flow.

But it's work, and probably money that we don't have right now.

My final thought of the day is that I found out today that I understand why "conservatives" think "liberals" whine so much: they do. I don't remember the last positive liberal argument I read. Talk about pessimism, geez! It's all jump-off-a-cliff depression. Anyone got anything good to say about the state of the world? Anyone?
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